River Rats

Like a worm eating an apple from within, the River Rats gang of common street thugs an con artists has aspirations to expand outside the Lower Quays and control Fallcrest’s criminal underworld.

Beneath the shadow of Fallcrest’s limestone bluffs lies the modest district Lowtown. Here, amid the hulks of burned out buildings left to rot following the Bloodspear War, citizens of little wealth scrape out meager existences one day at a time. Honest jobs have been scarce in recent years, forcing droves of paupers to live off of the streets, where local thugs call the shots.

The Lower Quays is home to one such gang of miscreants and ruffians-the River Rats. An odd band of human and halfling poor, the River Rats have long plagued warehouse owners along the wharf. This incessant targeting has had an increasingly debilitating effect on the merchant trade in Lowtown. Frustrated traders must calculate whether they would rather pay exorbitant fees to the Porter’s Guild of the Upper Quays to safely unload and store their goods, or risk the pilfering hands of the River Rats.

Kelson, proprietor of the Lucky Gnome Taphouse, is the rumored leader of the River Rats.

River Rats

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