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The Nentir Vale:

The Nentir Vale was settled over three hundred years ago when the conflict that would later become know as The God’s War began. People fled north from the Elisir Vale out of fear for their lives and began establishing the cities and towns that now make up the Nentir Vale.

Two centuries later the now flourishing communities of the Vale succumb to a dark force. The Bloodspear War ravages the land, burning cities and destroying families. Most people flee back to the south toward more populous lands.

Now the Vale is mostly empty, with a handful of living villages and towns scattered over this wide area. Abandoned farmsteads, ruined manors, and broken keeps litter the countryside. Bandits, wild animals, and monsters roam freely throughout the vale, threatening anyone who fares more than few miles away from one of the surviving settlements. Travel along the roads or river is usually safe—usually. But every now and then, travelers come to bad ends between towns. This is a place in need of a few heroes…

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Nentir Vale
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Towns,Villages and Communities:
New Hammerfist

Geographical Features:
Cairngorm Peaks
Dawnforge Mountains
Gardbury Downs
Harken Forest
Moon Hills
Winterbole Forest
Witchlight Fens

Beliard Keep

Groups and Organizations:
Blackbriar Gang
Fell Court
River Rats

Prominent Houses:
House Fitzroy
House Kamroth
House Killian
House Markelhay
House Oakenheart
House Stockmier
House Vistana
House Zaspar

Living in the Nentir Vale:
Bloodspear War

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