Sir Beliard


Deep within the underground crypts of the Beliard Keep the party found the tomb of Sir Beliard. Upon a raised dais sits an ornately carved stone sarcophagus with relief images of the mighty platinum dragon around the sides. Carved on the lid is a human warrior in plate armor with a sword laid across his chest, the point toward his feet. The lid reads “Here lies Sir Beliard”.

When Narrows approached the sarcophagus the lid explodes in a fury of dust and debris. A humanoid skeleton girded in plate armor rises from the cloud of dust. It holds aloft a longsword that is inlaid with platinum and has a line of three white diamonds set into the flat of its blade and a pommel carved to resemble the head of a noble dragon. In a deep commanding voice Sir Beliard says “The rift must never be re-opened!” “State your business or prepare to die!”

The party explains there business in the keep. Sir Beliard then proceeds to ask them a series of questions to determine if they are to be trusted. After the questioning Beliard beliefs them to be trustworthy and offers his sword Aecris to Narrows as help to keep the rift from being re-opened.

Christopher asks Beliard about his past. Beliard says that over a century ago an Orcus cult built an underground temple here. Inside of the temple they tried to open a rift to the plane of Shadowfell to call Orcus to this plane. Sir Beliard and his commanders fought and destroyed the cult. To try to keep the rift from being re-opened Beliard built his keep over the underground temple and swore to be its protector for the rest of his days.

As the years went on shadow crept into his mind until it finally overtook him. One cold dark night Beliard awoke from his sleep in a cold sweat. Unable to control his actions he took up his sword and killed his wife in her sleep. He then went to the chambers of his two children and murdered them in their sleep as well. Beliard then proceeded to walk through the keep murdering his servants and commanders. He was finally driven into the bowels of the keep where he was killed by his last remaining commanders.

Beliard is now unable to leave the confines of his crypt as his soul is eternally bound to this place as punishment for his nonredeemable actions. He can only offer up his sword Aecris to help the party.


Sir Beliard

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