Peter Bronson

Employee at the Arnlief Exchange and Emporium


Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 68
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 187

Physical Appearance: Looks older than his age. He has deep wrinkles on his face and leathery skin from many years of hard labor. He has short silvery gray hair and no facial hair. His eyes are dark brown and seem to be filled with sadness.


Peter or “Pete” as everyone calls him poisoned the drinks of the party when they returned to Fallcrest after finding and saving Ronald Arnlief from being sacrificed by the bugbears. Pete tried to flee after his almost failed attempt at poisoning the party but was unable to escape. After the party questioned his actions he told the party the his wife has been kidnapped by the Blackbriar Gang. In exchange for his wife’s safety Pete had to inform the gang of times and destinations of the Arnlief shipments so that they could set up ambushes. Pete explains to the party that the Blackbriar Gang is ambushing shipments of weapons along the King’s Road and selling them to someone from around the Winterhaven area.

Peter Bronson

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