Maria Staul

New Cook at the Lucky Gnome Taphouse


Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 53
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 127


Maria lives in the Lower Quays of Fallcrest. Her husband Douven Staul set out on an expedition three months ago and has not returned home. Since he has been gone Maria has run out of coin to be able to pay her rent. On a rainy night she ventured to the Lucky Gnome Taphouse to speak with Kelson (her landlord) about asking for more time to make her payments. She owes 200 gold regs in back rent and another 50 gold regs to reimburse Kelson for funding her husbands expedition.

Zoltan Golgari paid Kelson 250 gold pieces for the back rent that Maria owed. Kelson allowed Maria to stay in her home another month before she would need to make another payment.

The party found the burnt corpse of Maria’s husband Douven at the dragon burial site. The only way the party was able to tell it was him was by that of a golden ring found on his finger with the initials M.D. carved inside it. This was his wedding band. Zoltan returned the wedding band to Maria upon his return to Fallcrest.

Maria was hired by Tanthea to work as the cook in the Lucky Gnome Taphouse.

Maria Staul

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