Fletcher Family


The Fletcher family consisting of father Benjamin, mother Alhanna and daughter Rachael. The family moved to Winterhaven from Fallcrest a few years ago. Apparently they had run into some kind of trouble while living in Fallcrest and moved to Winterhaven to escape their past. They also have another daughter named Rebecca but no one in Winterhaven has ever seen her. When asked about Rebecca the family is reluctant to talk about her.

The Fletcher family (except Rebecca) was brutally murdered in their home by a group of kolbolds.

The party agreed to help carry the caskets of the deceased members of the Fletcher family to the Winterhaven graveyard. Upon entering the graveyard the sky grew dark and a slight wind began to blow. Then each coffin shook violently upon the shoulder of those who carried them. Fearing a possible ambush put down the caskets and took cover behind them. To the parties horror a legion and of undead zombies and skeletons began to surround them for every part of the graveyard. Marius took two flasks of oil and threw them upon the coffins and then set them ablaze with a jolt of electricity emitted from his fingertips. In the midst of the battle Marius spun around and to his horror he saw Benjamin, now undead and on fire. For the body only having been dead for a few days it looked a lot worse than it should have. The body almost looked like it had been deflated as if the life force had been sucked out of it. Marius put Benjamin to rest once and for all with a quick swing of his sword, removing the head from the body. Alhanna was now also undead and her body was found crawling on the ground close to the coffins. Her body too looked to be deflated like her husband Benjamin’s. Her legs had been charred down to the bone. Zoltan ended her misery with a blow to the head. Finally near the end of the battle in the graveyard young Rachael, standing just over 3 foot tall, was found standing motionless with a blank stare on her now thin and elongated face. Marius walked up to her and reared his sword back to deliver the final blow but was able to make himself do it. He struggled with this a few more times until final he closed his eyes and put his sword through her tiny skull.

Fletcher Family

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