Enelya Nolatari

aka The Elf Shrouded in Black


Race: Elf
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: 5’2"
Weight: Unknown


Enelya has been a citizen of Winterhaven for a few years now. She does not like to talk about her past or where she comes from. She helps out around Winterhaven by hunting wild game and selling whatever she does not use herself to Wrafton’s Inn.

The party was attacked in the Winterhaven graveyard by a legion of undead zombies and skeletons. Commanding the undead was an archer shrouded in a black cloak. During the battle the cloaked figure was slain. Upon searching the archer the party noticed that it was wearing a black cloak and a black chain shirt. The body was flipped over the hood of the cloak was removed from the figures head revealing a female elf with the ram’s head painted over her face. Upon closer examination Marius recognized the elf to be Enelya Nolatari, the ranger that the party had spoken with at Wrafton’s Inn the first day they arrived in Winterhaven. They searched her body and found the two pieces of vellum. The vellum read:

Vellum #1:

I received your report on the adventures from Fallcrest. They are beginning to become a thorn in my side. They have already slain our enforcer Irontooth and his kolbold minions. They are getting too close and must be dealt with. I have provided you with the instructions you will need to raise a force to thwart them. Time is of the essence as I am very close to opening the rift. It is of the utmost importance that the adventures are kept away from the keep, as I must not be disturbed within the final hours of the ritual. If you fail me may Orcus feast upon your flesh for all eternity.

Vellum #2:

You will need a fresh blood sacrifice from three vessels. Use the blood to paint a circle with the rams head inside it on the ground. You will then need to kneel inside of the circle and recite the following in the abyssal tongue. “Lord Orcus, demon lord of the Abyss, Prince of the Undead, I call upon your unlimited power to raise broken bone and rotten flesh. I sacrifice the blood of these three so that their souls may forever be enslaved to you. In return I beg that you raise the dead around me, giving me command of them so that I may destroy a group that threatens your inevitable return from the Abyss to rule over this world.”

Enelya Nolatari

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