Legends of the Nentir Vale

Warning Shots

Baiting the trap

Note found on the body of Brutus.


Marius is no longer to be trusted. He is associated with the people who tried to murder me in an alley during a meeting with the contact. I was injured during the scuffle and will remain in hiding until the plan has been seen through. I have confirmation via raven that the assassin has received payment and is waiting to carry out his orders. Then I will be untouchable and will have true power over Fallcrest and the lands beyond.

For now Marius and his companions must be dealt with swiftly before they get too close. Burn them to the ground if necessary. Ellyium will be keeping a close eye on them. He will be at your command if needed. Once I am in my new position of power I will contact you again with further instructions.


Scrawled on a sheet of vellum crossbow-bolted to the door at the Lucky Gnome Taphouse that leads back to Kelson’s private area:

K —

You threaten my people; we threaten yours.
You attack my house; we watch your stables burn.
You put prices on our heads; we take yours.

We should have settled this as men; not with fire.

— M

(attached under the M is a large, bloody, greenish ear with a very distinctive earring)


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