Legends of the Nentir Vale

Fire in the Night

It all comes burning down

Marius is headed home from a meeting pretty late/early, when he sees a reddish glow coming from the general direction of his hideout. Suspecting that the gang might be in some trouble, but having no idea how quickly they’d run in the total opposite direction of SLOW-PLAYING the work of unseating Kelson, et al, he rushes around the corner to see four guys lobbing lit oil-flask bombs on his building.

Marius kills two of them. Kovas and Delvan come out the back of the building, kill another one, and chase the 4th guy into the market square.

Christopher and Paracelsus find the front doors chained and two or three guys out there. The warblade dives through one of the windows and gets surrounded by the guys who are out there. Paracelsus summons a wolf to do some chomping. Business is done.

Kovas liquifies the runner. Marius starts ringing the fire bell next to the well while Delvan starts running buckets back and forth. The fire gets extinguished before the building is gone, but a sizeable portion of the roof and one wall must be replaced.

Business opens the next day… a few items are sold… the halfling and the half-elf commence repairs. Marius wanders the area gathering information. Brutus leaves a note demanding the rest of his payment (the bottom half of Christopher’s armor) and arranging a meeting at dusk at Kelson’s stables. We find a feather on Delvan?

Delvan is up on the roof sunning himself when he spots a glint of light from a rooftop on the far side of the market square. Careful evaluation suggests that it may be someone watching us with a spyglass. Marius and Kovas climb up the back of the building, while Christopher approaches from the market side and Delvan prepares to glide into the fray if need be. Kovas jingles on his way over up onto the roof — the spy tries to stand but Marius trips him, so he just rolls off the side of the building! Christopher takes care of him at ground level, while Marius slides into the interior of the building, down the rope that the spy had used to climb to the roof. Discovers a satchel with lots of white feathers, some paper, a note from Kelson, and a crate with three ravens (which we assume, but haven’t yet had time for Paracelsus to check, are trained to go to Kelson’s hideout).

Group meanders down to the stables. Paracelsus talks to the horses a bit, while Marius and Christopher and Kovas look around. We gather at a table set up near one end, with another note from the eloquent half-orc. Christopher wants to leave a sack of pots and pans for him, but Kovas brought the real armor, so we put that on the table… and hear an ominous -click-!!!

BOOM! Fireball trap catches three of us. Paracelsus gets the horses out without panicking, and the rest of us rush to the door to find Brutus and four other thugs. Brutus is wearing Christopher’s armor and mocks him. Marius expresses his anger at the ham-handed way in which Brutus and Kelson have handled this situation. Brutus says he follows orders from Kelson.

Marius: “You hide under Kelson’s skirt.”
Brutus: “Kelson pays me to hide under his skirt.”

Marius makes a comment about the type of fellow who gets paid to do work under another fellow’s skirt. Brutus gets mad and demands his payment. Marius says, “Come and get it.”

Ruckus ensues – Christopher acquits himself especially well, absorbing tremendous damage without wavering in his position. Brutus flees after three of his flunkies die, but not fast enough to get out of range of Delvan’s Magic Missile that splits his domepiece. Well — not really — Christopher would have been sad if that happened!

Last thug got away while we moved to get out of the area before the guard arrived, dragging Brutus’ body with us, on which was found another cute satchel with the note from Kelson.


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