Legends of the Nentir Vale

Voice of a Stranger

Darkness that comes

It’s a cold and blistery night in Winterhaven and tavern at Wrafton’s Inn is bustling. The ale is flowing and the fire is roaring. The songs of the local bard fill the air with words of love and bravery. A slender elven woman wearing long silver robes approaches the bard upon the makeshift stage. After a few hushed whispers between the woman and the bard she pulls a lute out from beneath her robes and beings to sing. Her voice is as beautiful as the new fallen snow glinting in the moonlight.

“Markelhay, our King has been taken from us,
I tell you, I tell you the King has been slain.

With a strike in the night his life slipped away,
Believe believe of the darkness that comes.

It’s a nod to the evil that lurks in the shadows,
Beware beware of the darkness that comes.

For the light has now passed and the darkness yet grows,
You’ll know you’ll know that Kamroth has come."

She recites the song again in the most elegant sounding elvish that has ever graced Wrafton’s Inn.

The House Kamroth guards that had been laughing and drinking now have faces of stone. They approach the woman and arrest her for blaspheming Kamroth, Steward to the throne. The woman does not resist and is peacefully escorted out by the guards with a smile upon her face.


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