Legends of the Nentir Vale

Run-in with Kelson

Cutting off the head of the rat

Kovas, Paracelsus and Narrows recovered the Arnleif weapons from the Beliard Keep and sold half to the Wolves of Winterhaven.

Then, they travelled to Fallcrest to set up shop. We wandered into the Lucky Gnome to get information and hire someone to sell the weapons in Marius’ store front. We hired a halfling called Alton Montajay to watch the shop. We hired a half elf called Ellovyr to stand guard.

Kelson summoned us into the back room and demanded info about the Dragon burial ground. Narrows managed to convince him that had they found anything other than Douven Stall’s body, they wouldn’t be in his office! He then demanded protection money.

They learned from a disgruntled employee (the half elf) that he had been meeting with robed men in back alleys lately.

They pretended to leave town, but returned disguised as mendicants of Pelor. They followed Kelson and tried to assassinate him. He escaped and the heroes have chase lying in wait outside the back door of the Lucky Gnome. Kelson never returned so Narrrows broke into Kelson’s office.

Just before Narrows tried to assassinate Kelson, the heroes heard the masked figure discussing the up-coming council meeting with Kelson. The were discussing that someone needed to be assassinated, but the heroes did not hear any names mentioned. It was said that a raven would be dispatched to carry the news.

As I said before, the party chased Kelson back to the Lucky Gnome Taphouse. Kovas had the brilliant idea to use his boots to carry the two others up to the rooftop where they could run, jumping from roof to roof, to beat Kelson back to the taphouse, but he never arrived.

Narrows decided to pick the lock to the back door and enter. He ransacked a storeroom before he heard Brutus, the half-orc bouncer making his rounds. Kovas tried to distract him by making a ruckus in the front of the taproom. None of Kelson’s thugs had connected Kovas’ new dragonborn form to the others. So, while Kovas distracted him, Narrows slipped down the hall and fired through a curtain at point blank range—using sleep poison laced bolts. Sadly, Brutus managed to chase him back down the hall toward Kelson’s office and slice into Narrows. Narrows escaped out the back door and managed to lose Brutus. He then hid and doubled back, catching Brutus as he tried to get back into the back door of the Lucky Gnome. Luckily for the group, Kovas had tied the handle of the door with a rope. Narrows shot him—this time having the good sense to run like heck until the poison had time to work.

In short, the heroes kidnapped Brutus. They ran into a female human and a male human as well as a halfling. Kovas carried Brutus’ hog-tied form rolled in a rug. The heroes made to lose the ruffians in the Market just North of the Tap Room.

Paracelsus was using his animal allies to try to intercept any ravens that might be leaving Fallcrest while Kovas and Narrows tried to deal with Brutus. Then, when the group tried to slip back to Marius’ storefront undetected, he cast an obscuring mist. Narrows managed to hide and cast darkness. The crowd in the market panicked and it seemed that the heroes had evaded the ruffians.

Paracelsus then went back into the market—still dressed as the beggar that the ruffians had seen before. suddenly, he felt the chill of a knife blade in his side. He caught sight of the halfling rogue calmly walking on into the market crowd.

He was severely wounded, but not wanting to give away his disguise he made to leave calmly. Then, an arrow caught him in the back as he fled. Realizing that he was in mortal peril and that neither Narrows nor Kovas knew where he was, he muttered an incantation in an ancient and unknown tongue. A wolf appeared lunging through the crowd after the halfing. As paracelsus fled he saw the wolf tear out the throat of his assailant!

Narrows realized that neither Kovas nor Paracelsus had made it back to Marius’ shop and hid in the snickleway behind to keep watch. He caught Paracelsus just before he entered the lane and whispered for him to keep walking. One of the ruffians had marked Paracelsus’ mendicants cloak with a white feather!

Later, the heroes managed to get Brutus into the cellar of Marius’ shop. Narrows is keen to ask Brutus a few questions when he come around…

After the whole party united at Marcus’ shop, we decided to gather information regarding the assassination that is supposed to occur during the council. Paracelsus went into the woods to talk to the raven’s that are helping him find the one Raven that is carrying a message sent out by Kelson. Zultan went to a church to reconnect with his god in prayer and meditation while the rest of the party (Birdman, Giuseppe, and Christopher) were trying to interrogate Brutus the Half-Ork whom some of us captured last time. He was kept in the basement of our little shop.

They came up with a risky story to retrieve information from Brutus. Giuseppe played the helping hand to Birdman, who portrayed an assassin rogue from a different town. He claimed having unfinished business with Kelson (i.e. Kelson owes him money) and he is here to collect it and dispose of Kelson. Thus he wanted information from Brutus about the whereabouts and current plans of Kelson. Brutus quickly realized the true intends of our party and he decided to play along. Clearly, he was looking to make money out of this situation. He agreed to gather information for the price of 250gp. Information should be exchanged quite anonymously the next day. After the ‘agreement’ was reached, Brutus simply got up, despite being ‘tied up’ and put on his clothing and proceeded to go upstairs. Birdman had told him that he had taken care of the party upstairs. When Brutus looked around there were some signs of fighting but no blood was on the floor and in the corner was a big warrior with very shiny armor. Brutus laughed:" I’m going to bloody up this place just a little bit. And also forget the 250 gold pieces." tossing the Birdman the coin purse. “This armor will suffice for all the troubles haha.” Then picking up a war-hammer from the shelves he takes a swing at Christopher’s head. With a crushing noise the hammer comes down, but Christopher is able to, by the power of all his martial expertise, still pretend that he is dead. Then Brutus simply walks out the front door into the night…

After Paracelsus and Zultan get back to Marius’ shop they are concerned about the safety of the party. Zultan takes the first watch of the night and Paracelsus takes over for him for the last part. During his watch 5 creatures, similarly dressed to the ones’ he had battled in the market square, appear in the night and toss fire-grenade like objects into the store and onto the roof of the building. Paracelsus quickly calls for his companions and promptly uses his skills as a druid to cast water onto burning objects..


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