Legends of the Nentir Vale

Fallen Comrade

Off with his hand...

Oh no! Paracelsus’ swagger came back and bit him in the… hand! He got his hand amputated by a blade trap! Paracelsus lost more than his hand…he lost his life as well.

Sad times tonight as Paracelsus sacrificed himself for the greater good of the his comrades, those 3 that he considers closest to him. Now roaming the world of the dead he is trying to connect with nature again since in the past few months he was forced to endure the grueling sights of man-made buildings and caverns.

“We will find someone, if we have to quest to the great shrine to Pelor that is the final resting place of Onyn Mianka — perhaps the Radiant Servant of Pelor left behind an Ale (8) of True Resurrection.” states Marius.

I can’t speak for Marius, but as soon as we revive the other survivors—the Golgari Dragonborn—we’ll carry Paracelsus out. Narrows will propose that the group visit his old friend, the High Priest Ressilmae Starlight at Moonsong Temple. Narrows reveals that Ressilmae has been his mentor for many years and helped to shield him from the predations of Low Town life as a young boy.

Narrows believes that Lord Starlight may possess the power to raise Paracelsus.


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